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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Freedom from Fear

"It is true that years of incoherent policies, inept official measures, burgeoning inflation and falling real income had turned the country into to an economic shambles.  But it was more than the difficulties of eking out a barely acceptable standard of living that had eroded the patience of a traditionally good-natured, quiescent people - it was also the humiliation of a way of life disfigured by corruption and fear... , the denial of their right to life by a totalitarian regime which deprived the present of meaningfullness and held out no hope for the future..."

This quote could be about any number of European or Western states in 2015, but it isn't.  It is a quote from Aung San Suu Kyi about 1980s Burma.

Aung San Suu Kyi: Freedom from Fear; Freedom from fear and Other Writings

Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Mysterious Protocols of the Elders of Zion

'The Protocols' were reportedly stolen from a Freemason Lodge in Paris well over 100 years ago.  They were then leaked to the media by a Russian academic and made big news all across the world.  It was a well known text around the time of George Orwell's life and writing.

Long before WWII, Hitler and the Holocaust, controversial plans for a new Jewish State of Israel were being hatched in the private rooms of the 'International Bankers' and their European friends in politics.  There was a propaganda war: Revisionist Zionism countered the politically legitimate Hussein McMahon Agreement of 1915, which promised Palestine to the Arabs, with the contradictory, elite and private correspondence known as the Balfour Declaration (1917), which promised the same land to Jewish control.  Henry Ford was then so concerned about the motives and intentions of the Zionist's 'New Israel' project that he had half a million copies of 'the Protocols' printed and distributed in the US.  This is when the Times of London published their 'debunking' fake/fraud conspiracy theory.

Pick up any book that is concerned with politics and economics and that was written before the Second World War, note how Jews are written about.  The political and economic analysis of Jewery in practice is rarely complimentary and it is self-acknowledged by Judaism and their elders for a good two thousand years or so...

Or are the Protocols fake, like the Times told us in the 1920s?  (Bear in mind that this is the same era and same London Times that was responsible for the 'Torches of Freedom' publicity stunt that encouraged a generation of women to start smoking.)

Either way, this 120 year old document is part of human history and makes for some absolutely fascinating Sunday afternoon listening:

See also: Israel: Who Are You?

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Cannabis as Currency

"There is evidence of extensive cultivation for trading purposes, and cannabis seems to have been considered of great value to certain groups. The Khoikhoi/Xhosa trade, for example, saw the Khoikhoi exchanging “coral and copper rings” for cannabis, while the Bergdama in present-day Namibia are known to have had “a regular trade with the Ovambo tribes, from whom they got cows, goats, iron and copper in exchange for dagga, for dagga was at that time the Bergdamas’ money with which they could buy anything"

Cannabis can be grown anywhere, by anyone.

It possess many valuable properties and compounds which can be worked into a wide variety of different forms and concentrations.

It serves an almost infinite number of purposes and can replace, cleanly and for free, lots of the things that currently cost us money and pollution.

Cannabis has great potential value as a person to person (P2P) currency and can, in times of great hardship, ease many socioeconomic problems.

And if you need money you can always buy some with a bit of cannabis.


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Unprivileged Belligerents

Do you ever get unfriendly and aggressive?  Are you from an unprivileged background?  Do you ever Tweet, Facebook or write about politics?  If the answer is yes to these questions then you are an 'Unprivileged belligerent' and The Big Bad Wolf is now after...


Thursday, 18 June 2015

On Words / Etymology

Etymology is the body of knowledge concerned with the history of words.

To understand the etymology of a word is to understand its origin and true meaning, for example:

Tel(e) (when in front of a vowel) tel is a word-forming element meaning "far, far off, operating over distance" (Greek)

Vision is "something seen in the imagination or in the supernatural"  (Latin) 

Vision as a word has much deeper roots though.  It comes from a Proto-Indo-European root, (weid - to know/to see) meaning it comes from the common ancestor of the Indo-European languages which are thought to have died out around 3500BC.

~pathy is word-forming element meaning "feeling, suffering, emotion; disorder, disease" (Greek)

~graph is modern word-forming element meaning "instrument for recording; that which writes, marks, or describes; something written," (Greek)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Mevagissey, 1824: They Could Have Had the Gold

The Bank of Mevagissey collapsed in 1824 after a huge downturn in the pilchard industry.

Here follows the 'kind commiseration' of Mr Cobett:

"Now, as far as the fisheries are concerned, I am sorry for the distress of these people: but at that distress, that misery, that suffering, however great, which they endure in consequence of having the infamous notes in their possession, I most sincerely rejoice.  There is no punishment and no degredation that they do not deserve.  I would with pleasure see them each lying in a ditch with raw, half-chewed vegetables in their nearly inanimate jaws.  Base wretches!  Could they not always since May, 1823, have demanded gold?  Why did the base wretches have the dirty paper in preference to the King's coin?  The base, the perverse, the slavish, the despicable vermin ought to starve, literally to starve, to die of want of food, and to lie in the open air to be devoured by the birds of prey.  In no country upon earth did there ever exist such base wretches.  They could have had the gold, but they would not; the base slaves were afraid to ask for their own.  They have their reward: let them perish!  and let every just man say 'Amen'!" 

Western Morning News 21.10.1958
Original quote: Cornwall Gazette, 22.01.1825, taken from 'Oxford Herald'

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Crypto Questions

Crypto currencies and blockchain technologies are being touted as the world's answer to our 'money' problem.

Under QE already abstract FIAT currency became even more abstracted and divorced from reality.  This is to the benefit of a very small group of incredibly wealthy people, aka the 0.1%ers. It is to the detriment of the rest of humanity and the planet we inhabit.  So, the techno geeks of the business and financial worlds have come up with an even more abstract idea of 'money' to replace it - crypto currencies.

Bitcoin has been around for six years now and, just like digitized FIAT currency, it does not physically exist.

Can the problems of an abstracted financial system be solved with an even more abstracted one?

If my software glitches will my crypto currency be inaccessible?

Who makes the rules for the currencies?

How can a completely open and transparent currency work across economies with varying degrees of openness?

Can you explain crypto currencies and blockchain technology to a child, or an OAP?

Why should I have to log on to update the blockchain every time I buy a banana?

Will I have to wait for the guy in front of me to update his blockchain before I can buy my banana?

After two years of looking, why can I not find ANYONE who is capable of explaining crypto currencies and blockchain technology coherently, and in everyday English?

Are crypto currencies and the BC technology robot monies for a robot future?

Is a totally transparent economic ledger not a tyrannical government's wet dream?

Crypto currencies and Blockchain technologies are hard to access and time consuming to use.  They are elitist and exclusive in so much that they require a good deal of abstract tuition to understand and if you are not savvy with or do not have access to the technology you will be excluded from its economy.

If anyone can answer any of these questions or link to any coherent explanations please do so in the comments section below.

*Fiat currency is a currency that is not backed by any commoditiy whatsoever.  It is just paper.