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Friday, 13 March 2015

Good Ripples

i took a flower to someone i like

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Friday, 13 February 2015

Imminent Threat? / The Gates of Hell

Governments all over the western world are inventing further new laws to criminalise 'hate' speech, aka Thought Crimes.  France, UK and US especially.  In the US people have been waking up to find red and blue crosses outside their homes, could that be the first signs of the coming round-up?  People are taking it very seriously.  Powerful interest groups want to see smoking entirely banned in the UK, they'll start with cars.  Theresa May wants to outlaw anyone who questions the 'official' 911 story.  Political bloggers will need a licence soon.  This site will be consigned to the memory whole.  Maybe I will too.  TVs that record your private conversations are on sale in a shop near you.

How long before ALL TVs, cars, phones, utility metres, radios, consoles and even your toothbrush are connected up to the Internet of Everything?  That means any George, Dick or Rummy who has access will be able to turn your whole life off with the flick of a switch.  Maybe the weather will do it.  But it will probably be a computer.

While all that is happening, TTIP is going to make us all sick with unlabeled chemical and GMO 'food' and our doctors are going to carry on prescribing all those nasty chemical drugs that make us forget who we are, or were.

Political bloggers will need a licence in the near future.  Politics is about who gets what - when, where, how and why.  If you exist with life inside you then that means you are inherently political, no matter how much you 'hate politics'.  Hate the politicians, do not hate the arena in which our reality is created.

Laws have a nasty habit of being pre-emptive so far this century, if these are some of the laws they're talking about right now then the gates of Hell will soon be opened.

But I'm tripping, so you can take all that with a pinch of water.