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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Defeat to Desperation?

From leaders of the Novo Russia resistance movement in the Ukraine, this international press conference should be compulsory viewing for all people of the US, Europe and the UK.  It starts with a short, dry briefing but when the questions kick off it gets a bit tasty...

(if CIAtube censor this video soon you can also find it here: vineyardsaker.blogspot.co.uk)

The Western oligarchs now have two choices.  They can either admit defeat and walk away from their lunatic plot for world domination, or get really crazy.  Are they going to walk away?  No chance.

Western 'intelligence' agencies have created their new nemesis in ISIS/ISIL and are now escalating domestic terror threat levels. Their media has been priming it's viewers for 'a new 9/11' for the last few months and thanks to RAPA (Russian Aggression Prevention Act) the US is setting itself up for a major, possibly nuclear, clash with Europe's main energy provider for the next couple of generations.  FED QE is ending in October.  The stock market bubble that has been inflated with all this free money will soon burst.  A deadly pandemic-causing virus has been exported around the world and, very soon, so will its very dubious vaccine, of which we should probably be more worried.  Is it just me or does anyone else feel a fiery autumn wind blowing? 

The arguments used and sentiments expressed in this press conference should be learnt by us all, especially us Westerners.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

James Foley Beheading Video is a Blatant Fake

Turns out that James Foley is a CIA agent posing as a reporter and has been for a good few years now. It also turns out that it wasn't him in the video and nobody really got beheaded at all!

Why do you think the governments of UK and the US don't want anyone watching it?  It's ok though, it's not a snuff movie, it's just a short Hollywoodesque B movie so you won't be breaking any laws by watching it.

It was published through Live Leak TV so you might be able to find it there.  If you don't fancy watching the dodgy B movie you can watch some good video analysis through this link. Check out all the links on the page as well, you will learn stuff.

The darkest hour comes just before dawn, lets just hope it doesn't get too much darker!

Video: Analysis of Events in Ukraine from Top Russian Advisor to Putin

Sergei Glazyev, one of Putin's top advisors, speaks frankly and openly about the dynamics of the conflict in Ukraine.  He sounds genuine, concerned, intelligent, considered and ready for it. Would you rather spend an hour in the company of this guy or an hour in the company of Obama/Cameron/Netenyahu/Merkel?

Speaking of which, is it just me or is anyone else overcome with an urge to smash the TV whenever they see Obama, Cameron, Netenyahu or Merkel on it?  Just the sight of their faces and the sound of their voices makes me want to smash all their teeth out, stitch their mouths shut and dress them up in orange jump suits for the rest of their chemically lobotomized days.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Currency Wars / Why Silver?

Watching the world develop recently has been painfully fascinating. China, Russia, Brazil and India now own 46% of the worlds gold. They've launched their own development bank as an alternative to the IMF (Bank of the South).  The world is rapidly moving away from the madness of the US dollar and now that the US are stopping QE their wheels are going to fall off in a big way.  They're in a corner on this one - if they carry on printing money for nothing noone will want it anymore and their economy will fall apart, but if they stop their printing their cash lubricant then the economy grinds to a halt and everything falls apart.  They're proper fucked.

China and Russia have both announced plans to back their currencies with gold, this is going to come into effect one day soon. Russia's economic sense and natural gas reserves are the big two reasons why the US needed Europe to fall out with Russia and impose sanctions against it - why should European countries and Russia use monopoly money for gas deals when the Euro and Rouble are both more solid and suitable currencies?  The pipeline that services the gas route runs through Ukraine. MH17 was the NATO orchestrated false flag attack that allowed the EU's corporate politicians to go along with the US sanctions regime.

The second big potential source of natural gas for Europe is Iran, that pipeline would run through Iraq and Syria and those deals would also avoid the dollar.  It is thus essential for the US that Iran remain under sanctions from EU countries and that we are not friendly with each other.  The US is desperately fighting to keep Europe on the Oil Dollar by causing rows between us and our potential suppliers.  The EU bureaucrats have all been reared on the teat of corporate lobbying and are owned by the giant corporations - the real instigators of the worlds current conflicts, so expect them to play along with the US/corporations for as long as they're in office. ISIS/ISIL are creating the chaos that will allow the US/UK to re-invade and recolonise the pipeline route.

If Europe is tied to the US economically we will share their pain and isolation.  If Europe joins up with the rest of the world then America's pain will be longer, more intense, more brutal.  But, America cannot service Europe's fuel requirements for long, their money is worthless and what do they have to offer us in return for our obedience?  Fuck all.  Not anymore.  GM food, drone warfare, lab manufactured diseases, fracking, institutionalised torture and racial oppression aren't very appealing thank you very much.  Europe needs to choose sides, if we choose to make friends with the rest of the world the US military monster can be contained.  If we decide to buddy up with the US to fight those we cannot dominate it will get very messy indeed. 

Unfortunately most of the dangerous corporations (financial, military, pharmaceutical, media) are transatlantic in ownership and their interests are mutual.  They are different arms of the same beast. This means that the desperado gung-ho fascist leaders of Europe and the US will stick together until their or our bitter end.

After 9/11 when Bush stood up and said 'You're with us or you're with the terrorists' he was implicitly declaring war on behalf of the 0.1%ers against every living entity on this planet.  All global political events since that speech must be understood in this context. 

Brace yourself.  There has never been a more pertinent time to build a good stock of food and fuel!
If you've still got a bit of personal stash left then buying silver is the best way to insulate yourself from the upcoming mayhem, at least until they start throwing nukes around, and then it won't matter anyway. There are many reasons to go for silver.  It is already grossly undervalued in relation to gold and heavily underpriced on the quoted markets. The 'spot' price for silver that gets printed in the papers and read out on the news is the price put on paper certificates of silver, which are not necessarily backed by any real physical silver.  Real silver is already 35-40% more expensive to get your hands on than the quoted market price.  That's one 'correction' waiting to happen.  Silver also has a historical relationship with gold in that in times of crisis it always reverts to 1/16 the price of gold. Right now it is valued at about 1/50th (+/-) of the price of gold. For the last couple of years there has been a massive glut of silver on the world markets, a lot of silver mines completely shut down 2012/13. That glut has been exhausted, the mines are going back into production and recent demand for physical bricks has been off the charts.

The market prices are also famously manipulated with massive sales of paper gold/silver (that never physically existed) getting sold at a loss to keep the prices low. There are major investigations going on now that will result in changes in the way prices are arrived at. China have already had enough of London's creative accounting and fake trading though. For more than one hundred years the global price of metals has always and only been set at the London Metal Exchange, China are launching the Shanghai metal exchange on the 15th next month, Hong Kong will be next and then Dubai in 2015. All trades on these exchanges will be backed by an actual lump of physical metal sitting in a vault somewhere, unlike London. This is going to force another upward move in the recognized values of silver and gold.

So that's it. The Ukrainian Nazi death squads and ISIS/ISIL or whatever they're called this week are the twenty first century's Operation Gladios - terrorist cells used to create hells on earth that service the geopolitical ambitions of their CIA creators. Ebola is the 0.1%ers latest tool for population control and MH17 was their ever-so-slightly tweaked Operation Northwoods. We are moving towards a post Bretton Woods economic order and a relocation of global power whether the US likes it or not. The side Europe chooses to join will go a long way to deciding the brutality of the transition.

Biff time... 

(And if I've used some words or phrases that you don't understand go and look them up. Educate yourself cos no one else is going to do it for you.)

Predictions / Where's My Weed?

Having been deeply immersed in the alternative, independent and analytical media (aka free media) since the downing of flight MH17 it is becoming increasingly clear that the world is on the verge of breaking point.
The international order with the US as global hegemon and their dollar as a global currency is nearly over.  It is a dead empire supported by a worthless currency.

However...  The people with power aren't going to give it up without a fight. 

When the next market crash hits the world in the Autumn we will probably all be banned from gathering in public places due to (very convenient) outbreaks of the ebola virus.  

We will all be pacified, sterilised and maybe even chemically lobotomised by untrialled but compulsory vaccinations.

Protests will carry on regardless.  It will get very messy.

Then the terrorists will strike.  'ISIS' will detonate a crude nuke or dirty bomb in a US city.

The US will fall under full martial law and head towards civil war, a war between the state and it's people.

The world will have to watch and wait until their domestic military (aka police) either runs out of weapons or runs out of people prepared to do their dirty work.

Or maybe I just need to chill the fuck out and get stoned.

!! BUY SILVER !!  

(And another couple of points on ISIS:  if they hate the West and America so much then why did they name themselves in English and take their initials from an English translation of their name? Secondly, if ISIS are all about creating a regional Islamic state and ejecting non-muslims from the region then where is their support for Palestine?  Where are their attacks against Israel?  Why is all their rhetoric directed at the US and not Israel?  ISIS is well known to be a CIA constructed terrorist organisation designed to scare the living shit out of Americans.  They are funded by the Saudi's, trained by NATO and Israel provide at least some of their weaponry.  They are the 'Operation Gladio' of the twenty first century.)

Ok, now I go get stoned, and you probably should as well.