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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's

There ain't nothing like a lonely Valentine's day to make a single person feel great about themselves!  Can't even call a mate cos that's a bit gay isn't it!?  As for the couples and hormonally rampant teenagers - well holy shit, is there anything as romantic or pressurizing as being obligated to celebrate a socially acceptable form of madness on its government designated day?  Or should we be taking this one in three hundred and sixty five chance to celebrate and declare our love for one and all before unconsciously falling into another three hundred and sixty four days of paper chasing enslavement and the environment of terrorizing warfare which it enables?

May the love birds of the world enjoy their rapturous bubbles of bliss on this rare occassion, and the uncomfortable energy of loneliness is there for the rest of us to reflect upon, harness and then use to effect positive change.

Peace.  One love.

Unfuck the World.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Creating a Permanent Proletariat Amidst the Fog of War

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Motions are afoot in the US, UK and Europe to ban the highest denomination bank notes.  In the UK this means that £11,788,000,000 (18.4%) will disappear from the national stock of cash. ( Tyler has done the maths for the US and Europe. )

It is but yet another bankster finger dressed in a government glove stealing back their own fictional tokens of wealth in order to further force the total digitization of their money supply.  It is a large step in the direction of creating a permanently enslaved proletariat by starving the person-to-person economy of nearly a fifth of its cash.  This 18.4% cash disappearance will then have a major impact on independent economic activity by significantly reducing the potential velocity of our cash supply.  As real cash is disappeared completely all economic activity will fall under the control and scrutiny of the megalomaniac central bankers and their stooge politicians.  Only the deeply resourceful, highly skilled and/or already wealthy will be able to maintain a degree of independence in the face of such gross economic repression.

As people stare hypnotic and terrified into their TV screens, absorbing a constant stream of deeply traumatic images and words accompanied by an emotionally manipulative soundtrack, our abilities to exist within any semblance of a natural, functioning, sovereign and self-determined society are being rapidly stripped away from us.

Will this obscene motion and the underlying agenda which it represents receive any critical analysis in the MSM, or will the story get mere lip-service amidst the fog of media war with the official line of 'tackling crime and tax evasion' mindlessly parroted by the autocue-reading establishment hubots?

How the Refugee Crisis Is and Will Be Engineered By and For TPTB

Europe's refugee crisis was an EASILY PREDICTABLE and HIGHLY ANTICIPATED result of NATO/Saudi/Turkish/Israeli efforts to undermine the sovereign government of Syria by way of creating and supporting a terrorist insurgency against it.

We have all seen how the politicians and their media have exploited the highly questionable and dubiously reported events of Paris and Cologne to justify and further expand their military presence and activities in and around Syria.  We have also all seen how these events have been used by the same interest groups to raise debates and further agendas such as the extra-national policing of Europe's borders and the 'suspension' of its open border policy.  We have all seen how these events have been used to increase the levels of and provide justifications for pervasive domestic surveillance and how they have been used to quickly turn a public sentiment of sympathy and solidarity into one of xenophobic hysteria.

Many of the topically ignorant and willfully misleading question why so many refugees are headed towards Europe and not other Muslim countries.  The Western-led and Sunni-supported wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have already created millions of Shi'a refugees who, over the last fifteen years, have fled to, particularly, Iran in their millions.  Indeed, with the two most powerful Sunni states of Turkey and Saudi Arabia supporting ISIS, executing Shi'ite clerics and now actively planning an invasion of Syria, the Sunni leaders have made their position of aggressive war against the Shi'ites perfectly clear.  Asking a Shi'ite to seek refuge from war in Turkey or Saudi Arabia is like asking a French Jew to seek refuge in Hitler's Germany.  Besides, our globally-reaching TV stations and movie industries are constantly showing and telling the whole world how sophisticated, civilized and great we are - the land of the smart, rich, fat, happy and free!  We all know that's just a load of scripted, acted and air-brushed bullshit but they don't.  Where would you go?

Anyhow, when established and still in their settling period distressed and impoverished foreign populations are a very useful demographic by which to push and gain wider public support for agendas such as biometric data collection, invasive policing and heightened levels of domestic surveillance which would not, under any other circumstances, be accepted by a confident, learned and informed population.  Media and political exploitation of refugee and immigrant troubles with the law are also easy ways to promote xenophobic sentiment which then promotes fear and angst and further divides society, thus 'legitimizing' government force and 'justifying' policies of social engineering.  A large influx of foreign immigrants also provides the opportunity for government and media to promote their desired values of Britishness, Americanism, Frenchness or whatever with the intention of reforming and then galvanizing society in its own image and under its own authoritarian rule.

Your questions, answers, thoughts and ponderings are invited below... 

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Project Mayhem and Global Lockdown

The failure of peace talks,the  proliferation of ISIS, the mass creation and rejection of refugees, the Zika virus, the political and media pitting of race against race, culture against culture, religion against religion, man against woman, the technologically imposed self-censorship of electronic surveillance, the relentless dichotomizing of choice and narrative, the list goes on and on...

We are being psychologically goose-stepped towards a global lockdown with what appears to be the 0.1%ers very own version of Project Mayhem.

A 'Rapefugee' Psy-Op in the Greater Game of Chess?

Cast your mind back to the period before Christmas.  Public support for the horrendous plight of Syria's refugees was swelling massively - famous footballers, football clubs, sports stars and popular media celebrities were actively, publicly and personally speaking up and directly aiding those who were fleeing the war in Syria.  Touching stories such as the refugee in Germany who, once arrived, took it upon himself to start feeding homeless people so he could give something back to the society that had accepted him were getting mainstream exposure.  World attention was focusing very strongly on the hypocrisies, atrocities and corruptions of Erdogan, the House of Saud and their Axis of Aggression with NATO...

10,000 Turkish passports were though already in the hands of ISIS and Europe announcing the easing of entry for Turkish passport holders in 2015 meant that the Europe's 2016 stage was being set for a wave of 'refugee' attacks.

And then came 'Cologne'.

Germany's 'Paris'.

As many of us are well aware, the war in Syria and the refugee crisis in Europe are both very intentional 'moves' within the context of the global elite's grand game of chess.  Both moves though were looking to be duff plays as the sheer scale of the Axis of Aggression's hypocrisy, atrocities and corruption and the heart-wrenching suffering being experienced by millions was squeegeeing society's third eye to the extent that global sentiment was turning strongly against TPTB.  After Cologne though, the whole world's sentiment now seems to have turned violently anti-immigrant.  One has to note that in context of the miserably traumatic daily existence of millions of refugees and the vast amount of EU-made weapons that have rained down and shot up the Middle East over the last fifteen years, it's amazing how easily and quickly our collective third eye can be hypnotized once again.

Ignorance and hysteria abound.

Question everything.  Trust no one.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Questions Abound

Will answers be found as questions abound?

The immigrant sex crime scandal has added a disturbing new dimension to Europe's refugee crisis:

Would any of the perpetrators happened to have entered Europe on one of Erdogans gifted 10,000 Turkish passports to ISIS, and then had their entry almost guaranteed with Europe's very recent relaxing of security for Turkish passport holders?

Were the offenders simply over zealous young men who, having been brought up in a conservative culture turned war zone and then having risked life and limb to reach their promised land, got drunk and lecherously carried away amongst the bright lights, high spirits and beautiful, provocatively dressed women exhibiting themselves in European public?

Were secret agents spiking free drinks and joints with Viagra gel and amphetamines and then dropping a few lines of encouragement to unsuspecting innocents before sitting back to watch the mayhem unfold?

Or is it a culture clash?  Does western society's liberalism and snooty superiority complex offend Muslim sensibilities so much that the young and boisterous among them feel as though they are free to behave in such offensive ways?

Given the pre-existing tensions between refugee populations and the towns struggling to cope with them, and given the conservative and religiously informed nature of Muslim people and their societies, does it not strike one as rather odd that so many young refugees would suddenly decide to risk such a massive ethno-religious backlash by acting en-masse as they did?

Is Sweden's ethnic cleansing of 80,000 refugees setting a new and frighteningly Nazesque precedent for Scandinavian and European nations?

As for Zika...

Is it part of the Bill Gates sponsored and UNWHO orchestrated depopulation agenda?

Is it really a vicious lab-tweaked strain of the virus being unleashed through swarms of genetically modified Frankensquitoes?

Sars, bird flu, swine flu, ebola, zika...  Suspiciously aggressive and highly contagious mutations of little known viruses are becoming alarmingly frequent in this maturing century of ours.

Are Zika and the 'rapefugee' crisis symptomatic effects of or constructed realities within this era of constant war, transnational corporate power consolidation and intense psychosocial engineering?

Friday, 29 January 2016

The Eve of a Return to Gonzo?

The Gonzo tradition of journalism, pioneered and defined by the works of Hunter S Thompson, was underpinned by the premise that the 'American dream' had become an unobtainable fantasy - the world was doomed to be overrun by war mongers, the psychopathically ambitious and the fat, vacuous product consuming and propaganda regurgitating masses whose enthusiastic ignorance and willful obedience supported their whole system.  The only logical way for any sane soul to live was thus in an intoxicated blur of hedonism with a gun on the hip and a defiant fist raised in the air against a vampiric government and its soulless agents of misery.

But even Hunter realized that when Bush Mini-Me and the Neocon 'Crazies' took control of the Whitehouse and pulled off 9/11 the game changed completely - this group of wretched, rabid wolves and their ilk were hell-bent on world domination and they would kill, maim, torture and terrorize anyone that opposed them and, if left unchecked, they would destroy the entire planet.  Gonzo's hedonism and dismissiveness of the system had, all of a sudden, become part of the problem.  Gonzo was dead.

Or had it long been part of the problem?  When Hunter found a new generation of fans through the 1990s Hollywood movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas it was his drug-fueled life style and debauchery that was given precedence over his politics and literary achievements.  With the Commie menace fading into a distant memory and the War Against Drugs taking its place, a new generation of teenagers and twenty-somethings jumped on to the HST-inspired drug culture band wagon and, with ecstasy being the new LSD, millions fought the drug war by pill-popping their way through a euphorically narcissistic 1990s whilst the giant Transnational Corporations went quietly about globalizing their all-consuming selves.

Had the majority of us been slightly more compus mentus and taken the time to engage in the world beyond our own petty existences through these times we might've been able to form more of a coherent opposition:  Critical mass of popular resistance against TPTB, visible in huge and frequent public protests culminating in 1999 and 2000 had, perhaps, been achieved before the millennium but organized opposition was constantly being infiltrated and subverted, besides, most of us considered ourselves nothing but powerless spectators as we waited for the world to grind to a standstill as all the computers reset themselves at the stroke of midnight Y2K, the Second Coming of Jesus or to be passively filled with enlightenment by some prophesized and cosmic mass awakening.

But none of that happened, the Towers came tumbling down and Mini G told everyone in the world that if we didn't support him and his crew then they would consider us all as terrorists.  So, not only had Gonzo's hedonism become an admission of personal irrelevance and weakness in the face of a self-declared existential threat but its very political attitude was, effectively, being outlawed by the people it targeted.  And Hunter knew it.  Kingdom of Fear was most definitely a post-Gonzo book.

In the fourteen and a bit years since that era-defining day the world has changed drastically and irretrievably: war, corporate proliferation and their politricks of inversion have decimated our civil societies, political discourses, economies and environments to the extent that most seem to be past their points of no return.  Humanity is being pushed through the process of technological dehumanization, deculturalization and impoverishment and into total digitized economic subservience in order that an archaic and inbred aristocracy can attempt to exercise global domination.

Public awareness of this threat has never been greater, but then neither have its depths of indoctrination or use of violence to enforce its will.  The looming economic catastrophe will be decisive: will humanity finally overthrow its military industrial bankster overlords to reclaim, repair and reinvent itself and what's left of our planet, or will we submit to the dystopic global colonization of a tiny and deluded minority?

If the corporatocracy gain total monopoly of, access to and control over the World Wide Web, the Internet of Things, biometric data and digitized currencies then the intoxicated, armed and hedonistic belligerence of Gonzo will become relevant once again, possibly even necessary, and maybe for the first time, but it will be wholly criminalized.


Conversation Fishing

A personal vow not to blog for at least one month, but I stumbled across this and it made me chuckle:

Don’t Fish

"The really ‘bad’ questions are leading ones—the questions where you're fishing for a particular answer," says veteran journalist Clive Thompson, who writes for Wired and The New York Times. "You have to avoid those at all costs."

First of all, if you know the answer, why are you asking?

If you’re seeking confirmation on something you already suspect, ask objectively, and ask directly. You’ll come off as confident (and less of a chump), and you’ll get more honest answers.

Conversational fishing has become a pervasive and amusingly sad past time among the observers and imitators of life in the UK, no doubt having been popularized by some mind-warping Orwellian reality TV show.  One can but wonder, do these technologically lobotomized fishing folk realize that they will eventually drive themselves crazy with their own destructive, retarded and distorted dellusions of communication?  Indeed, one suspects that most of them already are!

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Consciously Resolute

In the year 2016 I will aim to be consciously resolute in my efforts to build and maintain my own biophysical health by eating natural, organic foods and utilizing plant medicines as and when needed.

I will aim to be consciously resolute in my efforts to create harmonious, peaceful and enabling wealth by means of my own skills, knowledge and time.

I will aim to be consciously resolute in my efforts to respect, aid, nurture and work in tandem with those and the environment around me at all times.

In 2016 I will be consciously resolute.

I Support Regime Change

I support regime change - to change the military industrial regime which provokes and fights aggressive totalitarian wars for the socio-economic conquest of its leaders, to change the regime of perpetual war which creates and utilizes terrorism and provides the environment in which it flourishes in order that it may further its own global agenda, to change the regime which deploys inverted language, fake news stories and mass surveillance to subvert social, political and economic development in order that it may sustain its insatiable appetite for blood and power.

I support changes to the regime which has wrought environmental catastrophe upon the Earth through gross exploitation and pollution, changes to the regime which has overseen the nuclear contamination of the natural elements - earth, wind, water and fire, changes to the regime which has suffocated, sabotaged and silenced clean energy technologies which cannot be centralised or monopolised in order that it may exploit a global reliance upon oil to sustain its economic and industrial pre-eminence.

I support all moves to change the exceptionalist regime that is destroying the diversity, depth and richness of global cultures so that it may dominate, exploit and colonize all lands and people through the imposition of its own anticultural system and will. I support changes to the regime which uses infiltration, subversion and impersonation to frame and discredit those of different religious, cultural, political or ethnic persuasions, changes to the regime which uses war to displace local majorities, thus creating foreign minorities which are then used to frighten and radicalise domestic populations, changes to the regime which uses the tactics of divide and conquer in order to control all.

I support regime change in the economic world - to change the regime in which the creation, control and profit of the production of 'money' is placed in the private hands of those who then dictate our terms of trade through their control of supranational institutions. To change the regime which has encouraged the financial industry to become nothing more than a casino at which the sharpest, most aggressive and deluded psychopaths can speculate their way to a material fortune at the expense of and with scant regard for all and sundry, changes to the regime which relies upon ever increasing human and environmental exploitation in order to achieve its targets of 'growth' but only ever seems to facilitate the growth of national indebtedness to private money lenders.

I support calls to change the political regime which seeks to impose centralized, elitist and pre-dominant control over the entire world by homogenizing us all under one government, one digital currency and one culture, changes to the regime which offers this puppet or that puppet in a narrow and false dichotomisation of social, economic and political discourse, and changes to regimes of which the leading puppets and string-pullers are members of secret and unaccountable societies who meet in secret in order to form and implement supranational policy agendas and decisions...

I support regime change.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Spare a Thought for the Feral

Congratulations!  Why?   For making it (nearly) through another hellish year in the open prison called > insert your country here <

And while you're eating your Christmas dinner, spare a thought for the feral:

One also wonders which day have the Israelis have chosen to hold their annual Christmas massacre on this year...

If the nukes start flying, don't wake me up.

What a year!

Friday, 18 December 2015

Depopulation Agenda: UK House of Lords Recommend Ecological Genocide

In light of the many recent studies exposing the grossly negative health effects of GM food on mammals, including sterility after three generations, the House of Lords has just recommended the trialing of GM insects in the UK.

This is to increase prevent the transmission of disease and destroy natural wildlife reduce agricultural pests.

These insects will enter our food chain and start making sterile and destroying the organs of all birds, fish and small mammals that eat them, ushering in an ecological genocide. And, has the collective memory already forgotten about Australia's experience with the cane toad?

Fukushima, Deep Water Horizon, Fracking, the Niger Delta, GM crops, Deforestation, Mega Damn projects, Chem trails, Tar sand exploitation, Depleted Uranium and now GM insects... Forget about climate change, terrorists and war for a moment or two and think about pollution instead.  If we carry on the way we are going, in a couple of generations time the planet will be a polluted hell full of sterilized, mutated and dying forms of life. The new diseases and mutations that will adapt to survive are completely unpredictable, and do not even bare thinking about.  One can forsee a true and total multi-species Zombie Apocalypse in the making.

(And for the stealth poisoning  of the UK population with GMOs, check this out)