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then sell your cloak and buy a sword
for Caesar wants to be your God


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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Money Monster

A new movie that followers of this blog and blogger might be interested in:

Er, I knew Hollywood was struggling for inspiration but, please, get the fuck out of my pancreas, sort me with my due and let me put a small committee together so we can figure out how best to get it working for the greater good...


Come on Rodders, you know it makes sense!!

Don't make me Tyler you bastards, everything can still be ok

With love,



Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Brexit to a Constitution?

A Brexit from the EU would enable the debate for a long overdue national constitution, and, perhaps, trigger a domino effect among the other European nations...  Imagine a re-assertion of national sovereignties, cultures, languages and economies - that would be something to celebrate!

And the globalists threaten war and terror if we dare.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

King Power

hurled or pearled,
wrote or told,
words are spells
that change the world

King Power!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Zero Edge

Whatever happened to Zero Hedge?  From a website that used to balance its doomsday economics with on-point political commentary it has fallen off spectacularly over the last six months.

Why has a site that claims inspiration from Fight Club and has all its writers post under the name of Tyler become so bloated with ads that, all too often, grossly contradict the nature of their alluded-to intent?

Would Tyler have paid any of his writers a salary?

Is 'Tyler' not definitionally juxtaposed against 'salary' and 'employment'?

Would Tyler even give a fuck about the FOREX or COMEX unless he was planning to launch destructive cyber attacks or plundering raids against them?

Come to think of it, any 'Tyler' that takes their inspiration from a Hollywood movie is no 'Tyler' at all.

Come on Edgeless boys and girls, get hard and get real or fuck off and give your site a fluffy a banner and theme tune, innit.

Are you anything more than a bunch of bored rich kids venting spleen on the screen whilst living 'their' dream?

Gold for kings, silver for gentlemen and paper for slaves...

Only enslaved minds work for paper, and Jew buck millionaires ain't nuthin but the most successful, softest and obedient of those slaves.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Pancreatic Schizoid Ripples

manic genius
and demon possession,
violent reactions
and altered perception


focused intention

unknowing acception,
anarcho direction





narrated citations,
scribed irations,
perpetuation, till psychic vibration

d  i  s    i  n    t   e      g  r     a      t    i      o       n
then entereth the darkest vortex,
the raging fires of hell

isolation of imagination




big stones and small stones,
spat stones and gallstones,
all stones ripple the water

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Для России с любовью

Будьте очень осторожны, что вы пытаетесь дать кому-то. Давая вам лишить человека достижения для себя.

Никогда, в течение одной секунды, пока я был обеспокоен тем, что я принял неверное решение; никогда, в течение одной секунды, нет я перестал задаваться вопросом, почему никто никогда не беспокоили стоять перед моим лицом, улыбаться и смотреть в мои глаза, когда они говорили мне с честностью; никогда, в течение одной секунды, нет я перестал задаваться вопросом, почему такая куча некомпетентных идиотов были доверены с таким массовым рискованной задачей; и никогда, в течение одной секунды, нет я перестал интересно, какого рода помпезным, омраченное ум придумал такой высокомерной грубо, покровительственно, унизительной, дорогой и лично оскорбительной план захвата.

Я когда-нибудь остановить интересно?

Monday, 2 May 2016

Organs of Emotion / The Importance of Love

Our organs process our emotions.  Emotional stresses cause hormonal/chemical reactions within our bodies.  The stronger the emotional response the more processing will be required.  It then follows that prolonged exposure to emotional stress will result in prolonged stress on one's internal organs.  Different emotions are processed by different organs...

Those are a few pearls of wisdom gleaned in conversation with a herbalist.

Having spent the last few days flushing my liver and gallbladder, I can testify to a relationship between our emotions and organs.  Within twenty four hours of the first flush two very specific instances of old emotional trauma came flashing back into my mind.  They were traumas that had been long forgotten and, perhaps, never even perceived as such.  As a direct result of the organ flushing I have been able to review them and make sense of them in ways that I was previously unable.

The first instance was when I was very young, maybe only five or six years old.  I remember being balled-up, crying and in a lot of pain in school when the girl who I had the softest spot for came and comforted me.  It is the first time I remember feeling such vicious pain in my pancreas, although to me at the time it was just a horrible gut ache.  The pain was excruciating and, whilst it meant a great deal to me when Sarah came to comfort me, I felt a little more embarrassed and weaker than I would have done if it had been anyone else who came to my rescue.

The same girl was involved in my second recollection as well.  This time I was about fourteen.  My academic rival in class made the silly mistake of spitting on the ground near my shoe.  A tiny spot of spittle landed on my leather upper and I demanded that he lick it off instantly, knowing full well he wouldn't.  He'd been winding me up and I wanted an excuse to whack him.  He told me to fuck off so I beat the daylights out of him.  Playground craziness.  The flashback reminded me though, more than 25 years later, that the real reason I'd hit him was because he'd just upset Sarah, quite unnecessarily and right in front of the whole class.  I lost the plot.  Some older kids had to barge in and drag me off him.  I had 'the rage'.

Liking this girl as I did meant that whenever she was around I was more prone to and less able to control my elevated levels of emotional reaction.  Reactions that were being driven by a pancreatic rage as well as regular teenage hormones.

Was it the flushing of my liver and gallbladder that released these pent-up emotional blockages that had been festering for so many years?  Undoubtedly.

This emotion/organ theory can also be personally contextualized and supported through my experiences with iboga root.  I cannot pretend to be an expert on the substance but, suffice to say, it works on many different levels and in ways that reductionist western science has no hope of ever understanding.  Having consumed a strong dose whilst being riddled with internal infections and feeling like i was knocking on death's door, iboga cleaned me through and rejuvinated my insides with unparalleled speed and strength.  Whilst the iboga was ripping through the infections in my body my mind was launched into an ethereal minds-eye movie-stream and several of the oldest and most recent emotional traumas within me came to the surface and reviewed themselves to me.

The psycholgical and emotional response to a gallbladder and liver flush is similar to that of iboga.  The iboga was, of course, much stronger and more intense but the experiences were, essentially organ and emotion centred.  Both courses of treatment enabled rapid and powerful organ healing and both enabled the reperception and processing of surpressed emotional traumas.

The health of our organs and ability to process our emotions are, then, mutually defining.

To ponder the extrapolation and application of this theory to wider society and our relationships with power is fascinating.  In a global war against terror one would expect elevated levels of fear amongst populations.  Fear is processed by the kidneys, therefore, during a prolonged 'war against terrorism' one would expect to see a rise in kidney issues. 

Anger is processed by the liver and gallbladder.  Those of us that grow more frustrated and angry with the current status quo would then be well advised to flush our livers and gallbladders regularly.  Every organ in our body can be cleaned and rejuvinated relatively cheaply and with purely natural products.  It is a synergistic method of tackling emotional disturbance.  One also wonders, how many people around the world have extracted themselves from or been cast out of ordinary society or locked away in prisons because of a madness caused and perpetuated by failing internal organs?

Love everyone!

Fight Club Was For Pussies

A one man club with more fight than a Tyler on steroids.

What the fuck just happened?

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Star (Bucks) In Their Eyes

With stars in their eyes,
They stress and strive
to impress and thrive

To stay alive,
Reach the skies
and immortalize

Then televised
to many 'aye's'

But what hides
in disguise
before our eyes?

Check the twenty,
The centre, the belly:

Before your eyes
is a Star in disguise,
Now reperceive
'Stars in their Eye's'

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

For Those Who Need To Know

Accute pancreatitis, which then developed into the chronic version after the tic bites in SA and/or infection in Malawi.  Still self-diagnosed but 99.99% certain.  Its been absolutely fucking brutal but the recovery started yesterday...  Kidney cysts are just the entree!

A MASSIVE thanks to those very few people who kept the faith and stayed with me through all of this.  You are angels to me, I love you.  Big thanks to everyone who tried and failed reaching out to me in love and kindness as well - what a ride eh!

Irritability is a major symptom.  All things considered, I'm just proud of myself for not killing anyone.

And with the discovery of one word everything clicked into place.

Its been emotional!


Saturday, 23 April 2016

You Shakin' My Speare?

There is a wealth of considered speculation that the real identity of the author of the plays accreditted to William Shakespeare is actually Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626).

Bacon had both the depth of professional experience and literary skill needed to write so accurately about the inner workings of the royal and political machinations of the day.  Shakespeare may have had the literary skill, but, given his background, there is no way he could've had the depth of knowledge required to write as 'Shakespeare' did about political and royal affairs.

Francis Bacon is also the person widely and correctly famed for creating the English language as it is known today.  He took his inspiration from the French group of poets "La Pleiade" who managed to create a national tongue that rose above a melange of regional languages and dialects. The plays of 'Shakespeare' served this purpose for modern English - as was Bacon's dream and lifetime goal.

Francis Bacon is also known and accepted as the torch carrier for Dr John Dee.  JD was hardcore shaman of sorts - into casting spells, occultism, divination, the use of power plants and communicating with angels and demons amongst a lot of other esoteric wildness.  Both Dee and Bacon carried Royal favour and influence for significant periods of time.  Indeed, when Bacon was imprisoned by parliament in 1621 it was King James I who released him and relieved him of his fine after a very short incarceration in the Tower of London. 

'Shakespeare's' plays during the troubled reign of James I are undoubtedly political (MacBeth, King Lear, Anthony and Cleopatra), but were they propagandistic as well?

Did Francis Bacon combine his own linguistic ambitions and expertise with the shamanic methods of John Dee to produce propagandistic plays that would serve to augment a national language whilst delivering monarchically approved discourses?

If so, then the celebration of Shakespeare is not just the celebration of the fomentation of the English language, it is the celebration of the twin births of a national language and the use of it to construct and then present the political realities and discourses of power to the wider population, thus enshrining their predominance.  Bacon knew it was possible, he was smart enough, he had the connections and he was most certainly that way inclined... 
On the flipside was the usurping, intimidating and marginalizing of regional languages and dialects and their differing political realities and discourses - did Bacon foresee this consequence?  Homogeonization was clearly the aim of the Royals and their elite.
Theatre houses were the MSM of their day.  Was 'Shakepeare' the original BBC?  Were the works of 'Shakespeare' the most ambitious and sophisticated psy-op of their time?  Is Francis Bacon the real godfather of propaganda and the PR industry?

This article is not meant to suggest that the establishment of a common national language was driven by purely sinister aims (although it clearly helped in governance and tax collection!), it is though intended to probe beneath the Shakespearean surface a little, to question what is really being celebrated and by whom during this 400th anniversary year.