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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Star (Bucks) In Their Eyes

With stars in their eyes,
They stress and strive
to impress and thrive

To stay alive,
Reach the skies
and immortalize

Then televised
to many 'aye's'

But what hides
in disguise
before our eyes?

Check the twenty,
The centre, the belly:

Before your eyes
is a Star in disguise,
Now reperceive
'Stars in their Eye's'

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

For Those Who Need To Know

Accute pancreatitis, which then developed into the chronic version after the tic bites in SA and/or infection in Malawi.  Still self-diagnosed but 99.99% certain.  Its been absolutely fucking brutal but the recovery started yesterday...  Kidney cysts are just the entree!

A MASSIVE thanks to those very few people who kept the faith and stayed with me through all of this.  You are angels to me, I love you.  Big thanks to everyone who tried and failed reaching out to me in love and kindness as well - what a ride eh!

Irritability is a major symptom.  All things considered, I'm just proud of myself for not killing anyone.

And with the discovery of one word everything clicked into place.

Its been emotional!


Saturday, 23 April 2016

You Shakin' My Speare?

There is a wealth of considered speculation that the real identity of the author of the plays accreditted to William Shakespeare is actually Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626).

Bacon had both the depth of professional experience and literary skill needed to write so accurately about the inner workings of the royal and political machinations of the day.  Shakespeare may have had the literary skill, but, given his background, there is no way he could've had the depth of knowledge required to write as 'Shakespeare' did about political and royal affairs.

Francis Bacon is also the person widely and correctly famed for creating the English language as it is known today.  He took his inspiration from the French group of poets "La Pleiade" who managed to create a national tongue that rose above a melange of regional languages and dialects. The plays of 'Shakespeare' served this purpose for modern English - as was Bacon's dream and lifetime goal.

Francis Bacon is also known and accepted as the torch carrier for Dr John Dee.  JD was hardcore shaman of sorts - into casting spells, occultism, divination, the use of power plants and communicating with angels and demons amongst a lot of other esoteric wildness.  Both Dee and Bacon carried Royal favour and influence for significant periods of time.  Indeed, when Bacon was imprisoned by parliament in 1621 it was King James I who released him and relieved him of his fine after a very short incarceration in the Tower of London. 

'Shakespeare's' plays during the troubled reign of James I are undoubtedly political (MacBeth, King Lear, Anthony and Cleopatra), but were they propagandistic as well?

Did Francis Bacon combine his own linguistic ambitions and expertise with the shamanic methods of John Dee to produce propagandistic plays that would serve to augment a national language whilst delivering monarchically approved discourses?

If so, then the celebration of Shakespeare is not just the celebration of the fomentation of the English language, it is the celebration of the twin births of a national language and the use of it to construct and then present the political realities and discourses of power to the wider population, thus enshrining their predominance.  Bacon knew it was possible, he was smart enough, he had the connections and he was most certainly that way inclined... 
On the flipside was the usurping, intimidating and marginalizing of regional languages and dialects and their differing political realities and discourses - did Bacon foresee this consequence?  Homogeonization was clearly the aim of the Royals and their elite.
Theatre houses were the MSM of their day.  Was 'Shakepeare' the original BBC?  Were the works of 'Shakespeare' the most ambitious and sophisticated psy-op of their time?  Is Francis Bacon the real godfather of propaganda and the PR industry?

This article is not meant to suggest that the establishment of a common national language was driven by purely sinister aims (although it clearly helped in governance and tax collection!), it is though intended to probe beneath the Shakespearean surface a little, to question what is really being celebrated and by whom during this 400th anniversary year.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


I'm a spanner!
Where are ya?
Last seen,
I miss ya,
Ne'r kissed ya
But twas warmer
'round your aura

In paradise we met,
I'll never forget,
And tis you in my head
When the lake is once said,
Still gives me a thump
In the big red lump,
Bumpety bump,

Big up!

Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Darkness of a (UK) Doctor's Mind

"You wouldn't believe how stupid some of these people are!"

Said Dr Ben Dlamini, motioning to the locals going about their daily business on the streets of Mbabane, Swaziland...

"Just because drugs are illegal lots of people think that its even illegal to talk about them!

He then remarked on the problem of general ignorance in his country when it came to such matters.

Fast forward four years and I find myself sitting in an NHS doctors surgery.  Kidney problems. 

"Maybe if we look for a diagnosis with chemical drug damage in mind, specifically MDMA, we might start to get somewhere...?"

Her non-existent glasses fell forward on her nose and she shot me an incredibly matronising look:

"Well!  That's an illegal drug so we wouldn't know anything about that!"

After waiting three weeks to get my name on the docs schedule and then another three weeks for the appointment to roll around, she asked me to make an appointment with the front desk for three weeks after the latest round of tests, which meant about three and a half weeks later...

"I'm sorry, we don't have any schedules that far in advance yet.  Try calling again next week"

The NHS is a disgrace to its name.  The GPs are equipped with mentalities comparable to the average African street-hawker and their administrators don't seem to be able to plan or schedule anything outside of a three week timetable, apart from their own holidays of course.

Do you ever get the feeling that a gang of adolescent spider monkeys could do a better job than most of the fuckwits running things today?

If anyone's looking for me I'm down at the local sanctuary.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Legal Highs: How Low Does it Go?

Roll Up!  Roll Up!  All manner of mind bending chemicals and psychonaut rocket fuels are still up for sale and in a shop near you, at least until the end of this month!

Was the governments uber-Orwellian Psychoactive Substances bill so grossly far-reaching that it was written to be rejected, perhaps in order that the mayhem and destruction of these noxious substances may be allowed to wreak their havoc amongst the proletariat for yet another summer?

Reflections of the CIA-engineered LSD-ification of the 60s, the CIA-controlled crack epidemic of the eighties and the flooding of Europe in the 80s and 90s with ecstasy made in South Africa by the black ops of their Apartheid regime spring to mind...

Ain't nothing like a fat dose of brainfuck to keep a population quiet whilst yer mugging them.

Anyhow.  Delaying the ban due to enforcement concerns is held up by the government and their media as being the main obstacle to the bills implementation.  That never bothered them when it came to regular drugs though so why should it now?  Its not for lack of police muscle they say, its all a question of definition: in response to public outrage at the legal high epidemic sweeping the country Theresa May and her Nazionist overlords are attempting to ban pretty much every food, herb and substance, known and unknown, unless it is explicitly allowed by them.  In their Divine wisdom, of course.

As it stands, the bill intends to ban all substances “stimulating or depressing the person’s central nervous system” and those affecting “the person’s mental functioning or emotional state”, unless 'opted-in' by way of government list.  It seems needless to say to all but May - aside from being completely unworkable it is utterly and blatantly Nazesque in scope and ambition.  So, whilst the suits in London continue to argue about definitions before they tell us what we can and can't have for breakfast, the sociopocalypse of the NWO rages apace in the schools, streets, jail cells and emergency rooms of, as we are told, this once great Britain.

Within the wider battle of the bill there is also a fight brewing over poppers - it is intended to be banned but a technical loophole has been found so the bill must be tightened.  In terms of class and style poppers is only one step up from petrol, glue and butane - are these bastards trying to chase people back to the fucking nozzle again or what??  A gay man told me recently that revolution would be imminent if they banned poppers.  He wasn't joking either. That'd be one for the history books!

Its issues, bills and passages through parliament like this that really expose the British government for what it is - as dumb and dangerously incompetent as a crew of Simpsons in a nuclear power plant, or so deludedly vicious and power-crazed they make Hitler and his pals look like a bunch of fluffy liberals.  Who the fuck are these people?

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

US Intensify Invasion of Europe Whilst Gold Supercars Litter London

According to the BBC this evening:  whilst the US military goes about intensifying its stealth invasion of Europe by sending another 4200 troops and quadrupling its budget for European 'defence' in 2017 the Saudi's are leaving the streets of London littered with gold supercars...

And it took me three weeks just to get a doctors appointment.

Israel: The Kingdom of Rothschild

Fed up with playing bankers to the Royal elite of Europe, did the Rothschild family empire father and found the state of Israel so they could 'Royalize' their own dynasty?  James Mayer de Rothschild (1792 - 1868) was the one of five sons that got sent to France to establish the French branch of the family.  Whilst amassing an enormous fortune he also married his niece.  Among their children was Edmond James de Rothschild (1845 - 1934).

It was this inbred inherited-aristocrat who 'fathered' the Yishuv:

"The Yishuv was a national liberation movement aspiring to establish an independent Jewish entity in Palestine, though, unlike other such movements, it had to gather its constituency from all over the world. In 1922, the League of Nations entrusted Britain as the Mandatory Power with “full powers of legislation and of administration” over Palestine and it also made the British “responsible for placing the country under such political, administrative and economic conditions as will secure the establishment of the Jewish national home,” according to the Balfour Declaration of November 1917 (The Council of the League of Nations, “The Palestine Mandate,” 24 July 1922). Indeed, the Zionist leadership and the leaders of the Yishuv viewed the mandate regime as a protective umbrella, designed to enable the development and growth of the national home."

In 1924 he then  founded the Palestine Jewish Colonization Association, which 'acquired' 125,000 acres of land - thus expanding the territorial settlement area of his nationalistic revisionism.

He also married his uncles daughter.

James Armand Edmond de Rothschild (1878 - 1957) was a third generation inbred.

Although born and part-educated in France, James finished WWI as a major serving in the British Army in Palestine.  He went on to become a naturalized Briton, filling the role of Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Supply throughout WWII.  In 1966 he majority funded the Knesset and, after his death, his wife financed the construction of Israel's Supreme Court.

It was right in the midst of this busy late-1800s to WWII era that the Protocols of Zion were reportedly released from a Parisian Freemasons lodge and Henry Ford financed and waged a personal war against the Zionist project and its bankster financiers.  It can also be seen that from WWI and into the 1920s at least, both father and son of the French Rothschilds were militarily, financially and politically active in their efforts to build a Jewish state on the lands of Palestine, long before the words Hitler, Holocaust or Nazi had entered into the global lexicon.

(When Dorothy de Rothschild (wife of the above) died childless in 1988 a good deal of their estate was left to Nathaniel Charles Jacob de Rothschild (Bt OM GBE FBA WTF?)  (1936 - ).  Whilst never directly involved in politics, Nathaniel is the Honourary President of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, close friends with Henry Kissinger and his myriad of economic interests include oil and gas exploration and drilling in Syria's Israeli-occupied territory of the Golan Heights.)

Israel could not and would not exist without the Rothschild family.  They are, effectively, its Royal family.  Indeed, the very formative nature of its conception was borne in the minds of their inbred lineage!

As a side note:  Henry Ford was a true man of the people.  He developed and built a car that was 100% made from plant-derived materials (10% hemp) and could be fueled by plants grown in the same fields.  He paid black workers parity with white.  He also had half a million copies of the Protocols of Zion published and distributed for free in the 1920s.  The prohibitions of alcohol and then cannabis in this era were directly related and industrially motivated: backing the pro-oil, pro-prohibition, pro-war, pro-federal reserve movements were the established financial powerbrokers of the day...  Henry Ford led the opposition.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

The Revolution of Currency Diversification

The world has long known that true power resides with those who control our money, and many have tried to reclaim a modicum of that power over the years.  Before the dawn of cryptocurrencies various towns, such as Totnes in Devon, UK, experimented with localized currencies.  The primary aim was to build a pool of cash that would continuously circulate in the local economy, thus stimulating and enabling community business, wealth and relations.  Having its value tied to Sterling and with no aims to expand beyond their local region though, it should be seen as nothing more than a social experiment, albeit a very interesting, progressive and thought provoking one.

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are, though, the equivalent of a both-middle-fingers-raised-in-a-double-fisted-fuck-you to the established financial aristocracy of the world, aka The Rockerchildes et pals.  Revolutionary as cryptos are, the vast majority are slow to trust their money with a technology and concept they do not understand.  The fact that cryptocurrencies are hackable, intangible and reliant upon electricity and an internet connection does not help their cause.  Will history cast cryptos as little more than another interesting, progressive and thought provoking social experiment, or will the technology evolve to become a practical choice of money for many?

And now comes Bitgold.  Buy into the price of gold on transaction day and then receive a credit-style card through which you may conduct future transactions free of charge.  A lump of metal is acquired and vaulted to the value of your input minus 1%.  Another 1% is charged on withdrawal. The balance of your account is measured in gold.  It is so simple, tangible, accessible and practical that it cannot fail.  It is also deliciously revolutionary.

Outside of the walled and fenced territories of Israel, Europe and the US, the rest of the world is actively moving away from its exposure to and reliance upon the debased fiat oil-dollar system of the inherited international banking cartel.  The Asia Development Bank, Russia and China's appetites for gold and dedollarized bilateral trade deals among the BRICS are ample and macro evidence of this.  The heaviest burden of this systemic shift/collapse will fall onto those who are most invested in and exposed to the system in question - the authority of which is in the process of being supranationalized through TTIP and TPP.

One thing is sure.  The world will remain on its current sociopolitical and economic trajectory for as long as the families, institutions and organizations who have held power for the last few centuries are allowed to maintain their grip over it.  We can hold protests, write letters and riot for all we are worth but we will change nothing until we change the way money is created and disseminated.  Bitgold looks to be that change.  Or at least a major stepping stone in the right direction.  It is an opportunity to divest from TPTB and denominate ones wealth in a money that will always have value.  Everywhere.  It seems to be the cheapest, easiest, safest and most conveniently transferable way to invest in gold, and, as a concept, it also opens up the possibilities of bitsilver, bitplatinum, bitpalladium, bitcalifornium etc.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Concentration Camping in Greece

Europe is closing itself off.  Greece is starting to resemble a state-sized concentration camp.  How long will it be before the Greeks themselves are queuing at their own borders to escape the chaos?

 Such is the Project for a New American Century.