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Monday, 25 May 2015

Velocity of Default / The Gaddafi Treatment

When the Greeks default how fast will the contagion spread?

Who will be next?

Hedge funds?  National pension funds?  Italy?  France?  Spain?

The giant, cash-rich TNCs will move in to buy up what's left of Greece's national assets.

Greece will be denationalized in all but debt.

This will happen to all nations.

The illusion of our political classes being anything more than wealth extractors for the 'international bankers' will disappear forever.

After 2008 the banksters had their politicians reward them with trillions of free dollars, pounds and euros which were all put on to the tick bill of the populations they claimed to serve.

"We'll lose the whole culture!"  What fucking culture?  A culture of national robbery, corruption, dumbing down and servitude?  Fuck the banksters and their culture.

Their corporations have been hoarding their QE windfall trillions, waiting for us to default on the debt we borrowed to keep them alive.  Then they'll devour us all.

If we let them.

And, while we're here, how can the Queen not be outrged enough to have Cameron arrested and imprisoned after his treasonous comment about us having been a passive and tolerant society for too long and respecting people if they oby the law?

Excuse fucking me, but that cunt just inferred that his new government will be actively intolerant of people who respect our national laws.  This gobshite twat needs to be physically ejected from public life, permanently.  He's power-crazed and dellusional.  Tie the piece of shit up and stick him on a slow boat to Libya, or, when the time comes, should we give him the Gaddafi treatment ourselves?

Saturday, 23 May 2015

You Gotta Keep Testin Your Self

Drugs in the UK

What are the chances of the Tories reforming our national drug laws?  Pretty weak if recent history is anything to go by.

We are living under laws that encourage us to consume ridiculous amounts of alcohol, caffeine, fast food, steroids, 'legal highs' and pharmaceutical chemicals in our spare time, yet forbid us from using naturally healing plants and their extracts.

All around us different countries are legalizing the use of cannabis, recreationally as well as medicinally.  All around us countries are using reason, science and the positive results of other nations to construct progressive drug policies.  

When it comes to cannabis the only viable solution is the full legalization of recreational use.  If it is legalized only for medicinal purposes then every user is going to invent an illness whether they have it or not.  State after state in the US is showing us this.  Besides, where does one draw the line between medicinal and recreational?  Is smoking for cannabis for energy or inspiration considered medicinal?  Our language is evolving:  Cannabis use is mecreational.

There is still a huge amount of ignorance in the UK about the diversity and potential of the cannabis plant.  Hydroponically grown indica strains dominate the UK streets.  This type of cannabis has its place in the world, indeed, if it is good and clean heavy indica's have fantastic medicinal value, however, as a standard recreational/social smoke it is not good.  Indica plants tend to give high yields in a short time, which is why they are popular for illegal growers.  UK cannabis users need access to sativa strains, and high CBD varieties.

The chemically fueled mess in the streets and hospitals of the UK will only get worse as the drugs get dirtier if Cameron decides to ban 'legal highs' without legalizing the real thing.  The abuse of 'legal highs' is a direct result of our current drug policies.

Texas have just legalized because God invented cannabis, and God isn't a criminal.  God also came up with the coca plant, the opium poppy, the peyote cactus, magic mushrooms, the iboga plant, salvia divinorum and a whole bunch of other plants that are designed to enhance the existence of humanity.

If we want our laws changed we must pressure our MPs.  Write to them.  Demand a meeting to discuss your views and experience.  Drug use is not criminal, but the laws we are living under certainly are.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Asian Women

From Iran to Mongolia, and Jalalabad to Jakarta, Seoul, Delhi and Dubai,
Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindi, or animist maybe?
Rich or poor, educated or illiterate?
Liberal, conservative or anarchist?
Spiritualist or materialist?
Pacifist or fundamentalist?
Urban, rural, old or young?

as undefineable as it gets

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Support Grass Roots

Grass Roots is the working title of a book that is about to be put together.  It is primarily about the culture, politics and laws of cannabis in different countries around the globe, but its also about travel, adventure, life and survival in today's crazy world.  From a drug war in the Golden Triangle to the Rif mountains of Northern Morocco, and then on to Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, the cocaine-saturated Colombian Amazon and the cartel controlled towns of Northern Mexico...  Jamaican ghettos, South African townships, Kashmiri ganja farms, the list goes on.  I walked where few dared tread, reporting back for Soft Secrets as I went.  (Soft Secrets is the world's oldest and biggest cannabis magazine.)  For the next 48 hours you can help fund the book here:

The author thanks you most humbly. 

(Or donate me a tenner through paypal, include your postal address and I'll send you a paperback when its finished, hopefully September time. Cheers)

Friday, 1 May 2015

Homeless and Unemployed, Again

 Such is life

Caminando libre otre vez

Sunday, 19 April 2015

What the Fuck is Happening in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg are listed as having around $3.4 trillion of external debt (or $2.9 trillion on CIA stats, but they're a year older).  That's split between a population of just over half a million - $6.6 million each.  Figure that one out.

(To put that in context, that's approximately twice as much debt as the UK and 1/100th of the population - what on earth have they spent it all on? Foreign debt maybe?)