Sunday, 22 November 2015

As the Parisian Dust Settles

As the dust, bombs, bullets and dead begin to settle after the Paris attacks it is clear that TPTB are taking advantage of the carnage and utilizing the 'shock doctrine' to massively reconfigure the sociopolitical environment of the whole planet.

Everyday people and objects are now suspect or suspicious. Rapping, the making of youtube videos, being a model student, political 'radicalization' (aka awareness) and playing the Playstation are all now suspected terrorist traits or activities. As are the millions of normal, moderate and everyday people (aka refugees) fleeing the total destruction of Syria. Low-skilled 27 year olds with a smart phone are also now apparently capable of bringing the world to its knees.

The timing of the event played perfectly into the gameplan of the globalists: on the eve of the G20 summit whilst a US rock band played to an international crowd and France played Germany in a friendly football match, months before the US election, as the rumblings of an economic super quake start to reverberate, as the same PTB are losing control of the 'Middle East' and two days before another round of stadiums filled with nationalistic football supporters gathered to sing their anthems, the red white and blue flags of the world were united as one in the spirit of 'Liberte, Fraternite and Equalite'. And the stock markets loved it!

Europe's borders will become militarized, the bombardment of Syria will intensify, we will all be forced onto biometric passports, alternative currencies will be colonized or criminalized, military and security spending will increase, mass and total surveillance will become the norm and our governments will become more 'important' than ever as they 'do all that they can to protect us from the 'terrorists' who want to attack our everyday lives'.

And what is the primary evidence on which the majority accept the immediate and cast-in-stone narrative of TPTB and their MSM? A fake Syrian passport, a severed finger, 130-odd dead bodies and a few explosions.

The terrorists were, apparently, all dressed in black and moved like highly trained military personnel. The responding SWAT teams were all dressed in black and also move like highly trained military personnel. The guy who shot up one of the restaurants was, according to an eye witness, 'clean shaven, pale skinned and moved like a soldier'. In previous suicide bombing atrocities the perpetrators have generally been the more vulnerable members of society - often women, youths, the slightly retarded and children. It doesn't make any sense for well-trained military personnel of any political persuasion to blow themselves up if they can possibly avoid it - we know they weren't particularly religious so forty virgins and a seat in the eternal kingdom of God were not motivational factors. All they would've needed is a couple of flash/smoke grenades and bit of stashed SWAT Team body armour and they could've melted away into the mayhem quite easily. Come on, you've all been watching the fucking movies, haven't you??

The speed and solidity of the event's narrative was also remarkable: ISIS dunnit, France is at war, 'Je suis Paris' and, after a quick manhunt, the main perpetrator is dead. So that's that.

In the post-Paris world where all and everything are suspects and targets under permanent surveillance, 'terrorists' will still find a way to shoot a few innocents or explode a few bombs when it is politically convenient for them to do so, and, every time they do so, TPTB will change our way of life irrevocably and forever.  In fact, its hard to imagine that they could've advanced their globalist agenda more rapidly and in so many ways without such an event taking place.

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Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Purpose of the False Passport?

To further and make urgent the case for biometric passports for all.

Give it a couple of years and the bastards will have us all tied into a cashless economy, working for the war machine and living under constant surveillance with heavily restricted movement, and we'll be using our irises to open doors, buy our genetically modified groceries and log on to our internet devices.  Hell is just around the corner.  Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe it'll be this time next year.

If you don't know it already, familiarize yourself with the way the west has been working for the last seventy-odd years: 

Paris: the Questions of Demography

A terrorist attack can be analysed from any number of different perspectives - from the tactics used to the source/s of funding and weaponry, the political motivations, the timing of the attack and the demographics involved. All forms of analysis need to be made in order to establish the whos whats wheres whys and hows of an event.

When it comes to the demographics involved in the Paris attacks far more questions are provoked than answers provided.

The passports: One Syrian (who reported entered as a refugee via Greece), A French national (already radicalized and known to the security services), and an Egyptian.

The first question: how many would-be terrorists and mass-murderers make a point of taking their passports with them, unless they have to board an international flight? Even the dumbest of criminals, when going to commit any crime, makes damn sure that they leave any such documents behind. Then, if they're even a little bit smart and connected they'll be savvy enough to take some clean and false documents with them in order to make sure no accidental mishaps take place en-route to the atrocity. The Paris attackers may have been many things but they were not stupid or unconnected.

The second question: How can it happen that the passports involved fit so nicely into the game being played by elitist politicians? The case of the 'Syrian' who entered Europe through Greece acts as wonderful facilitator for those special interests that would like to see both the open borders policy of Europe ended and an escalation in armed conflict that results in regime change in Syria.  With Greece as the precedent-setter, it will also raise the topic of extra-national policing for failed states - if Greece cannot afford to staff and secure their own borders then someone else will have to do it for them, in the interests of all our security, of course.

The involvement of a native born and radicalized Frenchman then acts as a reinforcer for those same 'special interests' who would also like to bolster the case for a totalitarian domestic surveillance state and clamp down on those promoting ideologies and philosophies that contradict the dominant (corporate) narrative of the world. The direction in which TPTB would have us and the planet dragged is so inhumane and unpopular that ANY alternative must be squashed.

The Egyptian passport is a little more abstract in relevance. One purpose it does serve though is to incriminate the culture of Islam. He didn't come from a war-ravaged country and he wasn't French, but he came from a Muslim culture so that must be it!

The third question: why were the groups of people targeted Friday night revellers and sports fans? Surely the politicians and militaries waging war and violence against ISIS would be more satisfying and politically heavyweight targets. The targeted demographies of the Paris attacks are representative of the majority of 'normal' westerners - every sports fan, every cafe afficionado and every music fan will easily relate to the images they have seen on their televisions - 'that could have been me, kill the bastards!' Targeting the ilk of millions is by far the easiest way to turn them against you, and thus push them into supporting those who seek violent revenge.

Even up to and including the attacks of 9/11, domestic populations were rarely targeted by terrorist organizations who sought to grow their popular support by targeting the small hardcore of oppressors. Back in 'the good ol days' soldiers, army bases and posts, powerful politicians and their collectives, economic symbols and entities and the media who disseminate their perverted discourses were nearly always the target of real terrorists.  Under this new fraudulent 'War against Terror' the traditional targets are NEVER targeted.

The CIA/NATO Operation Gladio is, perhaps, the first known, international and institutionalized operation that sought to wage false flag terrorism in order to further the political agenda of the far right. They were smart enough to know that they had to target themselves most of the time and then blame it on their opposition in order to win the sympathy of the majority and to discredit their opponents but when that failed to rouse public support then the public themselves would be targeted. But, in this post 9/11 world, apparently we, the people and our way of life, are now the only and explicit target of the terrorists. Not the ruling elite that have constructed the culture in which we live, or the militaries and media that enforce it, but us - the poor folk caught up in the middle of all this bullshit.

As a result of the Paris attacks the grand 'European project' will regress into one in which borders are made increasingly difficult for people, especially refugees, and their private goods to pass through but every effort is made to consolidate the domination and easy passage of corporate trade and finance. Military and domestic surveillance budgets will be massively increased and new powers will be given to those who seek to police the majority, the flipside of this is a loss of power and freedoms for said majority. People who exhibit any forms of 'extremist' behaviour, as defined by the government and policed by algorithm, will be subject to assessment, compulsory medication, re-education and/or incarceration. The instances of street level attacks against the vast majority of peaceful and socially responsible Muslims will increase and many people will become too scared to socialize in and around places like football matches, cafes and music concerts, thus leading to a further fragmentation of society, division of cultures and isolation of individuals.

Which all leads on to the fourth question: Qui bono?

NB. It was also very convenient timing for those who wish to have the policing of terrorism and violent imposition of state security dominate discussions at the G20 summit.  Or am I just being paranoid?

Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Paris Siege: Blow Back or False Flag?

In the days of colonialism 1.0 the French were notorious for their brutal and oppressive governance of 'France Abroad'. Pre-existing social, political and economic structures were colonized with imported bureaucrats being shipped in to run the sprawling colonial ventures. The colonized masses of northern Africa had the French culture and language forced upon them whilst their own cultures and languages were undermined by marginalization and severe repression. The colonial arrogance and superiority complex of the French was second only to that of the Belgians, but France had colonized far more territory than the Belgians so many millions more were subjected to their oppression.

The colonial attitude of the French authorities was also foisted upon their population courtesy of the propaganda of the era. Then came WWII. France buckled under the German invasion and had to saved from Hitler by the UK and US - the UK had been their strongest historical and colonial rival for hundreds of years. This was, and still is hard to accept for the French national psyche - one neighbour beat the shit out of them and another one had to jump in and rescue them whilst all along they had previously thought of themselves as the strongest, smartest and most sophisticated of the Europeans.

The legitimacy of colonialism was finally and fully undermined as a result of the war - all the colonized people who had helped the 'allies' defeat the Nazis then turned and pointed out that: 'Now that we've helped you defeat your aggressive, invasive and existential threat isn't it about time that you extracted your aggressive, invasive and existentially threatening selves from our countries?' As a result, when France decolonized after WWII the territories they left behind had no people with the experience or knowledge of how to govern the new geopolitical entities they found themselves living in and the one thing that united all the people living within the borders of the newly independent countries was that they had all suffered from French oppression. A loathing of all things French then became part of their new national identities.

Unlike the English and the Spanish, the French had not managed to disseminate their language as widely or pervasively. This meant that French speaking north Africans had very little choice as to where go if they wanted to move to abroad - those colonized by the UK could choose between the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia or the Carribean and the Spanish speaking world could move between all the countries of Latin America or Spain but if a French speaking north Africa wanted out then France was their only real option, and this was country who already had an ingrained hatred for them.

This history has left France with deep division amongst its resident ethnicities - the 'white' French, French Jews and France's post-colonial immigrants all have very different perceptions as to what 'France' means to them and historical antagonisms are easily perpetuated by those who can profit from turning one against the other. Those such as the international bankers who financed and profited from western colonialism, Soviet communism, the rise of Hitler and both the world wars of the 20th century.

Initial reports concerning the 'Paris Siege' make it appear as if it is being conducted and supported by militarily trained personnel. Are these some of the people the US has been training in Syria? Who, apart from the Military Industrial Complex, could possibly stand to benefit from such an event? The MIC and its NATO patsy states are desperate for an excuse to reassert themselves around the world in the face of growing scorn from all. They also know that they are very close to losing control of the populations they govern, whose silent acceptance, apathy and conformity gives their power domestic legitimacy. Violent attacks such as the one currently happening in France ONLY serve the interests of TPTB - it gives them an opportunity to clamp down even harder on domestic freedoms and serves as a 'legitimizing' event for further aggressions abroad.

So who's behind it? The CIA (ISIS) ? MOSSAD?? Pissed of former Charly Hebdo staff??? The woken NATO sleeper cells of Operation Gladio 2.0????

Nothing is as it seems, and what you are seeing and hearing on your televisions is most definitely not true.

'Even most Israeli's hate the French Jews - a lot of them are horrible people who think the world was put here just for them. They think they are the kings of everything.'   An Israeli Jew, 2013

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Trudeau, Change and the Mega Industrial Complex

The ballot box success and growing popular support for a change to the current status quo is going to be sorely tested in Canada, as it will be anywhere else in the world. If Trudeau, or any other popularly elected opposition, implements policies that offend the corporatocracy too much they will find the abilities and options of their country's international manoevering somewhat curtailed. This will create domestic unrest. The interests of the financial, military, oil, nuclear, prison, pharmaceutical, agribusiness and media industrial complexes are all wrapped up together and supporting each other. They are owned, financed and directed by a very small group of people whose most are obvious and prominent in their role as the architects and regular attendees of the annual Bilderberg conferences. Their rule is given a veil of legitimacy by the international and supranational organizations, institutions, regimes and 'trade deals' that they have and are constructing with their geographically dislocated brethren. The global grip of the Mega Industrial Complex is such that the tools of bribery, threat, isolation, sanction and political subversion will be used against any serious opposition until it is either voted out of office by a frustrated electorate, cancered, heart attacked or over run by terrorists.

I have no clue as to Trudeau's thoughts about the planned conversion to a cashless economy and the looming introduction of a new centrally controlled and digital-only international currency, but, for instance, if he or any other popularly elected leader opposes this massive change in political isolation then they will find that the international corporate infrastructure of trade and payment systems turns against them. Companies like Visa and Master Card, UN institutions, TPP, TTIP and subscribed foreign governments will demand transaction in the new digital-only central currency. The alternative will be economic isolation from traditional trading partners and, thus, national economic stagnation and impoverishment.

Or, if he scales back too much of Canada's support for NATO activities he will, in their eyes, be making an enemy of the financial, military, oil and nuclear industrial complexes. In order to help change their minds, he and Canada will be targeted by violent terrorists, and also the 'soft' terrorism created by CIA-funded social and political subversion groups.

Trudeau's only chance of any effecting any significant change will be if he can find support amongst the international community from other popular, elected and true opposition leaders from other economically, politically and/or militarily significant western countries. The result of the next US presidential election will be interesting. A considerable and progressive change in policy is, perhaps, too much to hope for but resounding defeats for Hitlery and the spawn of Bush would be very much appreciated by the people of the world. Trudeau's best chance of finding friends will be in northern and western Europe. If he is joined by leaders in the mold of Pablo Iglesias and Jeremy Corbyn at the international negotiating table then significant political change can be effected. He will have to box clever and take modest steps until that opportunity arises, if it ever does. It will also take a group of western leaders such as this to end the post-9/11 norm of constant and escalating war that has been established by the Mega Industrial Complex. No progressive change of direction for the world will come without perceptibly severe hardship for many and a significant re-evaluation of our cultural practices will be demanded. The alternative is domestic terror, poverty, enserfment and international war.

The conversion to a fully digitized financial system will likely come hard and fast as the planned 'response' to the next brutal, enormous and fully engineered economic collapse. An escalation in international war, terrorism and social oppression will accompany it. The wheels of the worlds war machines are in motion and the writing is on the economic wall. Trudeau needs to find support and build some fast international alliances if he, and we, are to stand any chance of averting total disaster and building a peaceful, sustainable and dignified future for the world, but that is no easy task and it must be done soon.

Opium Poppies for the Masses

How is our wearing of the opium poppy to commemorate 'our' war dead perceived in places like Afghanistan and China?  And, isn't it also more than a little ironic that TPTB have waged so many and such long wars to control the trade and use of this emblem of choice?