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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Max Keiser / StartJoin / Bitilicious Scam

Max Keiser is the most outspoken 'revolutionary' on TV at the moment:  'Lynch the bankster, bring back the guillotine, sack the royal family...'  'Institutionalised fraud, corporations fleecing the nation' etc etc.

He claims his new site StartJoin is about crowdfunding the revolution and reclaiming our economic sovereignty from the parasitic central banks.  However!  First use of his site is easy enough, follow the prompts, pay your money and get your StartCOINs.  But then, second time you go to use it will (again) direct you towards the 'middleman' site Bitilicious to buy your StartCOINS.  No worries you think, first time around was perfect but the second time you use it all the beginner protection is stripped away and you are left to get ripped off by the extortionists who run the site.  I got personally got screwed over for more than 40% on the exchange rate.

Who owns Bitilicious??  Keiser and a couple of his mates??  They're worse theives than the banksters. Beware of Max Keiser, beware of StartJOIN / StartCOIN and beware of any cunt who wears a suit and claims to be part of the revolution.

Once a bankster always a bankster.

(We all know that one has to be a sociopathic nutcase to succeed in investment banking, how did you purge your personality of that particular trait Mr Keiser?) 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

StartJOIN: Cryptocurrency Crowd Funding Site

StartJOIN is a new tool of the revolution.  Use the decentralised cryptocurrency StartCOIN to fund independent projects all around the world.  The cryptobullion concept is one of the most innovative and pioneering projects on the site but choose from a wide range of projects, be they educational, environmental, political, artistic, musical, literary...  You get the picture.   If you've got an idea of your own that needs funding you should also get involved.  Check it out.  Follow the instructions, download the wallet, buy some StartCOINs and dip your toes into the crypto economy. 

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