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Thursday, 31 July 2014

MH17: Botched Assassination Attempt on Putin? / Mystery of the Missing Photos

For photos and analysis that suggest the plane was shot down by another plane in what might have been a botched assassination attempt on Putin and that Google are actively censoring the wreckage photos check this out.

I'm not too sure about the assassination attempt theory, why have prerecorded phone calls confessing to shooting down a passenger jet if that was the case?  Seems reasonable enough for it to have been shot down by one of the Ukrainian fighter jets though.  Also, assuming this was a CIA plotted false flag it must have been intended to spur a little more than EU support for the current round of sanctions.  Not long since the Googlebergers met either - I wonder how many times a major violent tragedy has happened or major new outbreak of disease has been announced within a few weeks of those meetings taking place?

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Oi! MP! Its about the War...

Dear MP,

I am writing to express my very deep concern that the government of this country, along with those of Europe, is allowing itself to be dragged into a miserably destructive war that will only serve to benefit the wealthiest 0.1 per centers of this world - the money producers and the billionaire corporate elite.

The propaganda war being waged against Russia and Putin is astounding in its viciousness and baseless in its accusations, lies and misrepresentations.  It is becoming well known that it was Ukrainian forces under control of their Interior Minister that shot down MH17 and that the US even has strong satellite evidence proving so. This is a classic false flag event.

Do you have any power?  Is it within your power to raise these points in Parliament?  Is it within Parliaments power to act for the people in this most desperate of coming situations? Or is, as we all suspect, parliament merely a veneer, an illusion, a theatre of democracy maintained by the establishment to keep us real people quiet?

If my instincts are correct I will probably be rounded up and forcibly and indefinitely detained at some point in the future for having written this email, but it must be written anyway.

It is my sincerest wish that, as my MP, you do all you can to raise the concerns of the vast anti-war majority in this country as loudly and forcibly as you can. Aggressive war is the ultimate crime against humanity and if we allow it to happen we will be gifting the future of humanity and the world to our nastiest war criminals.

Yours sincerely

Sent as an email on 29th July 2014.  I suggest you do the same. If the European people force our politicians to at very least not support the US in its war mongering against Russia it will have an impact. Maybe we can still stop it.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Revolutionise and Evolve with Cannabis

Cannabis, revolution and evolution go hand in hand in hand. Cannabis can be utilised as a major product in the industries of medicine, construction, textiles, agriculture, food and plastics. It could revolutionise these industries. Our environment would strengthen.  Humanity would evolve. 

The full scope of cannabis's medicinal properties are not yet fully known, but we do know that the plant has a vast multitude of beneficial applications, both internally and externally. In various different forms it is good for the skin, the internal organs, the central nervous system, the immune system and the brain. It is a medicine that can cure and treat literally thousands of different conditions. The normalised use of cannabis medicines would revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry.

Cannabis can also be used in the construction industry, as a replacement for concrete. 'Hempcrete' blocks and slabs are a far more ecologically sound and economically sensible than the grossly polluting concrete industry of today. Hempcrete also weighs a lot less, has far better insulating properties and lasts just as long as concrete. It is a superior alternative. Resins produced from cannabis can also be used in the building industry where oil-based products are currently used. A building industry free to use cannabis would revolutionise not only itself but also the way we build and live in our homes and workplaces.

Textiles made from cannabis are famous. From the fine fibres of small cannabis sativa plants to the large, course fibres used to make ropes and canvas, cannabis can replace cotton and nylon quite happily. It is far more ecologically sound to produce and resilient in use than cotton or nylon, it is even more versatile and can be worked just as finely. Cannabis fibre can not only revolutionise the worlds clothing industry, but in doing so it will have a most beneficial impact on the worlds ecology.

Agriculturally cannabis is a wonderful plant. It grows faster than almost anything else, grows where not much else will grow and fills a number of important functions. Animals love to eat it – horses, cows and sheep especially. It is a great plant for feeding cattle. Its nutritional requirements for growth are complimentary to corn. Corn is a staple human food source, cannabis grown in rotation with corn ensures constant soil fertility, thus negating the need for oil-based fertiliser.  Due to its fast growth cannabis is also very effective at cleaning soil form heavy metal contamination, this is desperately needed in the lands of northern Japan after the Fukushima disaster and Iraq after the use of thousands of tonnes of depleted uranium weapons. Legalised use of the cannabis plant would revolutionise large parts of the agricultural industry and have a huge beneficial impact on our environment.

As a food source cannabis should be invaluable. Cannabis seeds contain many fatty acids that are incredibly good for the human brain. Our traditional source of these fatty acids is fish. The worlds waters are famously and desperately overfished – soon we will need to look for another source of omega acids to maintain our global health. The cannabis plant itself can be ingested by food or drink – it is a medible plant, meaning it is both medicinal and edible. As well as curing and relieving conditions and symptoms cannabis can also be consumed in food as a preventive medicine. Through the health benefits gained, the widespread use of cannabis in food would revolutionise our personal and communal existences on this planet.

Cannabis is also used to produce oils from which plastics are made. As biofuel cannabis is not efficient at a vast industrial scale but it could be used very effectively on a more localised level where conditions are suited. In this form it's use is far more suited to that of a bioplastic. Mercedes Benz and BMW already make their dashboards and door panels from 'hemp' bioplastics and it could be used with or to replace petrochemical plastics in almost any application.

When grown and utilised by all these industries the cannabis crops of the world would become a giant store for atmospheric carbon. Industries that currently rely heavily on fossil fuel reserves, thus transferring underground carbon to the earth's biosphere, would become major actors in reversing that trend if cannabis was used instead of cotton, concrete, petrochemical plastics and gmo industrial cattle feed.

Cannabis can and should be a major part of humanity's future. It's illegality is the result of a tiny minority of vested business interests and exploitative political figures. It is no coincidence that the century of cannabis prohibition has been the most violent and traumatic in our self-created history. The vested interests that profit from the illegality of cannabis are the same interests that profit from the proliferation of war and dis ease. Global acceptance of cannabis use in all industries would precipitate a global revolution in which humanity and the planet would become healthier, wealthier, cleaner and infinitely more sustainable. For the reasons given above it is clear that the established oligarchy of the day will resist the full legalisation and normalisation of cannabis use around the world because it runs contrary to so many still-powerful agendas. Its up to us. Spread the word about cannabis – it's not illegal to talk about it.

"We can eat this plant, drink it, take it as medicine, live in houses made from it, feed it to our animals, fuel our cars with it, wear clothes made from it - it can shelter us, feed us, employ us and keep us healthy! When the world understands this humanity will be able to rejoice! There will be an abundance of all for everyone!"  

Dr Ben Dlamini, Swaziland, 2013

For further reading on the properties of cannabis check out:

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Israel: Who Are You?

Where will Israel stop?  Why are Israelis so disproportionately and criminally violent?  How can they live with their government?  How can they live with themselves?  Are they even human?

For over 2000 years the Jewish perception of their own history was that they lost control of their original Kingdoms (Kingdom of Israel C9-8 BC, Kingdom of Judah C8-6 BC) as a punishment from God because of the way they treated non-Jews, or the 'Goyim'. Their self-interpreted destiny was to be that of a nation with no state.

Then, in the nineteenth century, along came the Revisionist Zionist movement... Argentina, Uganda or Palestine? Where shall we put the new state of Israel?  

The twentieth century kicked off with the Protocols of Zion - what an interesting read that is!

What's that you say? Oil? In the Middle East? Forget Argentina and Uganda, Palestine it is!  Then came the First World War, the first battle for Iraqi oil, and the Balfour Declaration. Then Hitler, Mussolini and the Communists, and WWII. In 1947, Israel and the Nakba. Israel has been at war ever since.  

The state of Israel has murdered, injured, tortured, oppressed, robbed, raped and destroyed many millions more than those of 'their kind' who, history tells us, were exterminated by the Nazis. They will not stop until they completely annihilate the Palestinians. The people of the world must pressure the international community to bring peace to the region. Or, are we all just going to sit back and wait for God to intervene again?

After Palestine, who next?

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

MH17 and Geo-Economic Politics

While the rioting in Kiev was still in full swing their decidedly dodgy 'emergency' leader signed a massive deal with the IMF that plunged Ukraine into around US$30bn of debt.  Now that different regions are breaking away and forming their own republics this is leaving a smaller and smaller population left to deal with the burden of $30bn of debt and its interest payments.

Regardless of who shot down MH17 it is clear that The Americans and NATO are using the tragedy to try and gain geopolitical ground in Eastern Ukraine.

As far as MH17 is concerned, the propaganda coming through the media in the Western world is, as always, full of soundbytes, insinuations, wild conspiracy theories, 'we believe's' and 'it is thought's'. None of the US politicians or media accusations about Russia or the 'pro-Russian separatist rebels' shooting the plane down are supported by the tiniest shred of evidence whilst, on the flip side, the closest and most advanced satellite in the vicinity of the crash was a US satellite but the Gringos are refusing to release the photos they have.

The baseless mud-throwing, accusations and wild conclusions presented by Western politicians and media seem to be in such gross contradiction to facts on the ground and independent analyzers that its almost as if they had the propaganda barrage ready to roll...

Why was contact with the plane lost over an hour before it fell to the ground?

Was it, according to the Spanish Air Traffic Controller, really the Interior Minister of Ukraine that ordered the plane shot down?

Why was the flight listed as cancelled? How did so many passports survive in perfect condition? Why were some of the bodies reported as 'looking like they'd been dead for days'? Check THIS article out for some curious observations, photos and videos

Russia has released its satellite evidence of Ukrainian BUK missile systems being in the area, and what were those two Ukrainian fighter jets doing with the doomed flight MH17 just a few minutes before it was destroyed?

Paul Craig Roberts (Former US Ass. Sec. State) also points out that the made-before-it-happened youtube video in which a Russian general and Ukrainian separatists discuss having mistakenly downed a civilian airliner shows that someone had foreknowledge of the event and was actively preparing to frame Russia.  This reeks of a conspiracy happening somewhere.

The US's use of MH17 as a Ukraine 'game changer' is well written about here

All said and done, this event is looking very much like a false flag 'accident' that is being used by the West to try and galvanise as much of the Ukraine as they can - a balkanised former Ukraine will, more than likely, involve a major IMF debt default at some point in the not-so-distant future. It is obviously about more than just the money, but this 'accident' benefits The US cause enormously and the Russian coase none - qui bono?

Monday, 14 July 2014

Death and Food

A man was walking across a field when he encountered a tiger. He fled, with the tiger after him. At the end of the field was a precipice, he caught hold of a wild vine and swung himself down over the edge. The tiger sniffed and pawed at him from above. Trembling, the man looked down. Far below, another tiger was waiting to eat him. Only the vine sustained him.

Then he noticed two mice, one white and one black. They were gnawing away at the top of the vine. The man looked to his side and saw a ripe and luscious strawberry. Grasping the vine with one hand, he plucked the strawberry with the other. How sweet it tasted!

From: Zen Flesh, Zen Bones, Compiled by Paul Reps, p 32