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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

432 Hz: The Harmonic Frequency

Most music worldwide has been tuned to A=440 Hz since the International Standards Organization (ISO) promoted it in 1953. However, when looking at the vibratory nature of the universe, it’s possible that this pitch is disharmonious with the natural resonance of nature and may generate negative effects on human behaviour and consciousness...

432 Hz is said to be mathematically consistent with the patterns of the universe. It is said that 432 Hz vibrates with the universe’s golden mean PHI and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code, and consciousness. When our atoms and DNA start to resonate in harmony with the spiralling pattern of nature, our sense of connection to nature is said to be magnified. The number 432 is also reflected in ratios of the sun, Earth, and moon, as well as the precession of the equinoxes, the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Stonehenge, and the Sri Yantra, among many other sacred sites.

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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Billionaire Trade-Off

"There's a trade-off that the billionaire class makes: if you put a billionaire and a liberal arts student in the Louvre museum in Paris and the billionaire sees lots of price tags but has no understanding of anything that's going on, none of the history, none of the artistic content and is completely lost and reduced to a mumbling bumbling idiot [whereas] the liberal arts student can appreciate and have a transcendental experience that's akin to spiritual epiphany unavailable to the billionaire.  So, this is what we need to come to terms with - there's a trade-off.  If you're a billionaire its at the expense, in a large part, of those faculties of your mind that give you the facility to appreciate the vast beauty of our inheritance as human beings...  What are your thoughts?"  TMK


Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Full Circle Project

The Full Circle Project provides an active hub for people to unite a diverse range of local cooperative initiatives from around the globe with a principle aim: to bring mankind Full Circle into their natural state of abundance.

Using positive common sense action undertaken by the people themselves, the project seeks ways to empower the individual and local communities by gathering together in ever-widening circles of focus and agreement.   By examining vital issues and applying effective methods we can usher in a more cooperative and caring society based on honesty instead of deception and abundance instead of scarcity...

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Crucifixion According to Peter

The Gospel of Peter has Herod taking ultimate responsibility for Jesus's death sentence, not Pilate (2,3,4).  After his trial Jesus is sat in the 'chair of judgement' where he is spat at, jabbed with 'a reed' and has a crown of thorns placed on his head (7,8,9).  He then agonizes through a somewhat merciful crucifixion in which he is spared from having his legs broken and nursed with 'gall with vinegary wine' (14,16).  Just after darkness falls, Jesus proclaims his own death in Shakespearian style with the words: 'My power, O power, you have forsaken me' (19).

His body is then taken down from the cross and entrusted to his friend Joseph (23), as previously negotiated with Herod through Pilate (3,4,5).  The body is tended to by Joseph before being taken to a sepulcher for three days (29) where it has a giant rock pushed in front of it.  The sepulcher is guarded by Roman soldiers. Burial of the body seems to have been delayed for two extra days due to the trial and crucifixion taking place immediately before the sabbath and the first day of Passover (5, 34).

The story about 'two males who had much radiance' and who opened the sepulcher by magic (36,37) is the fantastical story the guards gave to Pilate to explain the disappearance of Jesus's body (45).  They are also quoted as saying they would rather commit the 'greatest sin' than be stoned to death by a Jewish mob (48).

So, according to Peter, it seems that every possible string was pulled to ensure that JC could survive the crucifixion until nightfall from whence it would be three more days until his body could be buried, thus allowing ample time for escape after a faked death.

There is a tomb in Srinigar, Kashmir, which claims to be the tomb of Jesus.  Local history holds that he didn't die on the cross but survived and managed to escape to Kashmir where he lived out his remaining days in the mountains as a wandering guru.  This journey would have taken him through Iran and Afghanistan.

A translation of the Gospel of Peter can be found here

Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Biblical Significance of Cannabis Prohibition

From fornicating angels to transvestite priests, a study of cannabis in the Old Testament reveals a jaw-dropping history of how the masses were corralled into a monotheistic belief system largely through its prohibition.  The documentary presented traces the etymological root of Kaneh Bosm and uses sound academic research to detail its use and primary significance as described in the Bible. 

This doc is essential viewing - roll up, roll up, and get yerself comfy, its a long one:

Friday, 31 July 2015

Satan and the BBC

Presenting a nice feel-good piece about Satan by the BBC:

The name Baphomet

The name dates back to the Inquisition and torture of the Knights Templar about 1100 who, according to French chroniclers of the Crusades, confessed to worshipping a heathen idol called Baphometh...

"We hope children will see this as a beautiful work of art - there is nothing to be afraid of. That's what the children symbolise," says Greaves.

"The goat's face has a neutral expression. It's not demonic, ferocious or monstrous - as people make it out to be - if you look at without the cultural baggage."

But do children really have nothing to be afraid of from Satan?

"I don't think children approaching the monument without being primed by propaganda will find anything horrific about it," says Greaves...

Levi's Baphomet was a hermaphrodite, with breasts, "but we took the breasts off," says Greaves. The Temple did not want to get embroiled in a debate about gender which might distract from what it believes are the more important messages of the Baphomet...

Saint Peter's cross is often inverted too - as it was during the Satanic Temple's unveiling ceremony.

"This inversion is Satan's perception. It asks people to reconsider their cultural grounding, look at the evidence and reconsider their values," says Greaves.

"You have this one-sided vision with institutionalised religion as the arbiters of moral correctness.

"It prevents them considering whether they could be incorrect today on issues such as gay marriage and reproductive rights...

"We understand the Satanic figure as a symbol of man's inherent nature, representative of the eternal rebel, enlightened inquiry and personal freedom rather than a supernatural deity or being.

"We actively provide outreach and participate in public affairs where the issues might benefit from rational, Satanic insights."

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Henry Ford's Hemp Car

Why are we not driving cars made from and powered by plants?

Henry Ford did it in 1941

More information can be found at



Now imagine what the world would be like if we'd spent the last 75 years developing biotechnologies instead of exploiting fossil fuels.

Think pollution, oil wars, concentration of wealth and power, poverty and all that entails, dictatorial regimes, geostrategic location of Israel, Deep Water Horizon, fracking, tar sands, technological suppression, energy security, global foreign policy...

This policy choice has had more profound consequences for humanity than any other, ever.  It has dominated and defined the dynamics of our relationships with each other and our planet.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

A Psychology of Calendar / The Relative Inversion of Time

In the Christian world we conceive of time in relation to the birth of a Jewish revolutionary called Jesus. With each year that passes we become further removed from the time of our 'saviour', and, apparently, ever closer to the desperate times that will precede His second coming. (We don't have to worry about anything – Jesus will save us!) The cosmic dance of the stars and planets thus serve as nothing more than a giant egg timer by which we count time relative to the birth and return of one man. The same can be said for the Hebrew and Islamic calendars, taking the lives of Abraham and Mohammed as their starting points instead of Jesus.

However, if we care to look at the much older calendars of the Hindu's and Maya it can be seen that their understanding and perception of time is based on and observes incredibly advanced knowledge of the cosmos and is, thus, far more sophisticated. The Hindu calendar does indeed take its starting date as that of the 'return of Sri Krishna to His eternal abode' (23/01/3102 BCE), but, with Krishna being the eighth incarnation of Vishnu, His life is seen very much in the context of the great cosmic dance rather than the other way around. Using the Mayan long count calendar, which they inherited and is believed to have originated around 3114 BCE, it is possible to chart to the dance of the stars thousands of years into the past or future.

It is also interesting to note that the Proto-Indo-European language, from which all modern Indian and European languages come, died out 'around 3500 BCE'.

So, it can be said with absolute certainty that around 5000 years ago humanity was so advanced that we had already mastered mathematics and astronomy and we had developed a language that was sophisticated enough to conceive of and communicate all of these ideas.

This then begs the question, what knowledge, wisdom and understanding have we lost through the simplification of our calendars and our relative inversion of time?